Seasearch Swanage

Last weekend, 6 CLIDivers headed down to Swanage for a fascinating Seasearch course run by Nick Reed. Seasearch is a project where amateur divers can help survey the terrain and life surrounding the British Isles – the data it gathers helps with our scientific understanding of the marine environment, and various conservation efforts

Saturday we covered the theory, followed by a glass of Cava in the sun. Sunday was hot and calm. In two relaxed dives under and around the pier we identified: Aplidium Punctum; barnacles; Japweed; Drachiella Spectabilis; Eel grass; Sea lettuce; Pod weed; filamentous red seaweed; mermaid’s tresses; juvenile Ballan Wrasse; a Snake Pipefish; Goldsinny; Snakelocks anemone; Netted dog whelk; Bispira Volutacornis; Corkwing wrasse; Dragonet; Bugula; Sea Lemon eggs; Painted top shell; spiny spider crabs; two-spot goby; sand goby; and a velvet swimming crab

Swanage has some decent dive sites and is quite feasible as a day-trip from London – as demonstrated by Neil and May who popped down to join us on the Sunday

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