Try Dive

The best way to see if you like the sensation of being underwater and want to learn to dive is to come along to a Try Dive session at Ironmonger Row Baths near Old Street.  We run Try Dives on Thursday evenings throughout the year.  Try dives can be experienced as a one-off or can be the first step to joining one of our Ocean Diver courses. 

Once you are booked on to a session we will send you an introductory video to watch on line.  Your Try Dive session starts at 8.00pm with a welcome and safety briefing.  You will then meet your instructor who will introduce you to the kit and to the wonderful experience of diving.  The whole session will take 1-1.5 hours and costs £25.  The fee is refunded if you sign up for an Ocean Diver course with us within six months.

To book a Try Dive email Debbie on

Why do we love diving so much?

  • It is exciting –seeing marine animals, wrecks, reefs and seascapes.
  • Relaxing – floating weightless underwater helps unwind from day to day stresses.
  • Peaceful – the silent world, and floating among fish can make you feel calm and serene.
  • Challenging – diving is an adventurous sport and there are skills that take perseverance to learn.
  • Educational – in addition to ‘diving’ you inevitably learn about other things like weather, physics, biology, maritime history, seamanship, marine ecology – and it is all fascinating stuff.
  • Really good fun – scuba is a social sport, organised as a group activity with everyone having a buddy for the dive. It is enjoyable to both plan and to do and also makes for great conversation afterwards.
  • Nearest thing most of us will get to ‘flying’ – from hanging motionless in mid water to whooshing along a seascape in a current – yes, you can fly!
  • It takes us places we have never been before – from the Scillies to the Shetlands in the UK or from the Med to the Maldives in international waters – your holiday destinations are often new and exciting.
  • Immersing in  another element – scuba diving is the nearest thing at most of us will get to simply entering into a whole new world.

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