Already a diver?

If you are already qualified you can start diving with us straight away but most people want to continue with their own personal diving development. If you have not done any diving for a while we advise you to do a course as a great way of brushing up on your skills.

We welcome divers qualified with any recognised agency. If you want to continue to progress your skills you can “cross over” to an equivalent BSAC qualification.  Different training agencies emphasise different skills, depending on the situation for which they are designed. You can see the cross over levels here.

Depending on your current qualifications you might want to join our Sports Diver or Dive Leader courses.  You might also be interested a skills development course such as first aid, oxygen administration, VHF radio operator and boat handling.  Our training programme varies from year to year and we update it as our members’ needs change.

Go Dive!

If you are a new member with PADI Open Water, Advanced Open Water or similar, or if you haven’t dived for a while we suggest you join us at the pool for a Go Dive session.  This is a free session in the pool with an instructor where you can refresh or practise your skills and find out all you need to know about how you can progress your training.  Contact us via and we will arrange a Thursday evening to suit you.

Sports Diver

Sports Diver covers the rescue skills covered in courses such as PADI Rescue Diver plus the use of more advanced equipment and techniques than you will have covered on your entry level course. This includes:

    • Understanding diving conditions, planning and leading dives
    • Deeper diving
    • Decompression diving
    • Use of delayed surface marker buoys, distance lines and shot lines
    • Nitrox (oxygen enriched air) up to 36% (to extend bottom times and/or minimise decompression times)
    • Diver rescue: panic, alternative air sources, controlled buoyant lifts, in-water resuscitation and towing, de-kit and recovery of injured divers and surface resuscitation.

Typically the classroom lessons and pool sessions run over seven weeks on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. After completing four or five open-water training dives successfully, you will be qualified to gradually progress your diving experience to a maximum depth of 40m.

The total cost of Sports Diver Pool & Theory to new members is £200.50. This breaks down as £90 training fee + BSAC annual membership £65.50 + minimum 3 months of Clidive membership (£15 per month or £135 per year).

See our training programme for the dates of our next Sports Diver course

The cost of the open-water training will vary depending on the location. A popular way to qualify is a two- or three-day, UK-based trip, which usually costs around £280-£340 including overnight accommodation. Travel costs and some diving costs (depending on where we run the training) will be extra.

We also run dry-suit training on demand. We love dry suits. It means we can start diving earlier in the UK season and visit more remote parts of Scotland in comfort!


Come and dive with us title=
Come and dive with us
Extend your dive with deco stops title=
Extend your dive with deco stops
Nitrox training is included in Sports Diver title=
Nitrox training is included in Sports Diver
Two new sports divers title=
Ian (centre) from Sports Diver in 2015 to Instructor of the Year in 2019