Our Aims

  • To provide an adventurous and wide-ranging dive programme for all levels of diver that includes expeditionary diving around the UK.
  • To encourage all members to continually develop their skills and experience, by providing a comprehensive programme of training opportunities and skill development.
  • To run regular courses for people completely new to diving and also for those from other diving organisations wishing to join BSAC.
  • To promote an environment of self-improvement, teamwork, responsibility and safety awareness.
  • To be a welcoming, friendly and sociable branch that is committed to providing opportunities to involve every member in organisation and planning.
  • To ensure that marine conservation is at the heart of the club’s ethos and activities.
  • To play an active part in the promotion of diving both locally and within BSAC as a whole; sharing knowledge, resources and best practice.
  • To maintain the branch at over 100 members.
  • To ensure that we are well-enough resourced to provide and maintain the high-quality equipment that is necessary for us to run our adventurous diving activities safely and reliably.


Eddystone Lighthouse title=
We aim to dive at Eddystone Lighthouse
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We aim to see marine life