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Training at Gildy in April – mad fools!

3.5 months after the trainees started ocean diver, I could no longer hold them back anymore – they were eager to go to open water. I tried to persuade them that it was much warmer in Spain or Gozo, but

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Ice Diving In Sweden

4 hardy (or is that foolhardy) souls braved the Scandinavian winter to have a go at ice diving this winter. Unfortunatley, it was unseasonably warm and so the ice was too thin to dive in through the ice-hole. (snigger). But

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The new Clidive Yellow is launched

Rory preparing the new Clidive Yellow for launching on Mounbatten slip. We took recepit of the boat much earlier than expected meaning a run in over the Easter weekend at Plymouth was possible.  Neil Skilling was at the helm for

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