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Newsplash – September 2017

Welcome to the new, upgraded version of Clidive’s longstanding newsletter. In the time I’ve been a club member, Newsplash has been on a Fleet Street-style journey, from photocopied-and-stapled, text-only ‘broadsheet’ to full colour pdf ‘tabloid’, and now fully online. My

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Expedition Summer Isles (Scotland): 5-12 August 2017

By Eleanor Partridge The Summer Isles are a group of small, mostly uninhabited islands located just off the coast of Loch Broom, in the far northwest of Scotland. The area had been on Clidive’s radar for a while but undived

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Clidive does all Wight: the Solent, 22/23 July 2017

By Steve Walsh In July, Clidive added a new diving area – new for the club, if not for all its members – to its list of sites. The Solent is the stretch of water between the Isle of Wight

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