Cornwall day 2

The forecast was for an early brief window of diveable conditions before big winds after lunch. So, we assembled at the quayside first thing and were casting off in Clidive record time. We were optimistic and loaded two cylinders each. As we travelled along the coast toward Lands End it became clear that the swell was too great to risk offshore sites and so we opted for the ‘splat wreck’ of the Lincoln nearer to home.

In what became a race against the worsening weather and low tide in Penzance (when the boat mooring becomes dry) we called in for a quick pit stop at the cafe in Lamorna Cove and swapped tanks before heading out to a site of scenic gullies. By the time everyone had surfaced a thick fog had descended; the British summer was pulling out all the stops.

Forming a human chain in order to manhandle the kit up the harbour’s steep, slippery steps, and thereby smashing another Clidive time record, we got the yellow boat to her overnight home but we were minutes late with Blue, forcing a core team of dedicated souls to endure four hours in a pub while waiting for the water to rise sufficiently to allow them to finish the job. Another great day’s diving against the odds.

Watch this space for photo uploads…

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