Cornwall day 3

We poked our noses out into the Atlantic as a strange yellow orb appeared in the sky. Some of us suspected witchcraft but the wiser and more experienced among us identified this phenomenon as the sun. We were intially optimistic of making it to one of the more remote sites – it was choppy but not swelly; while we were licking salt off our faces, our breakfasts were safe. However, it wasn’t too long before the familiar sea-sky-sea-sky views ensued.

So, we turned and headed for the Alice Marie, an ex steel barque in around 25m, now mostly salvaged for scrap and rotted away but still enough metal left to seem ‘boaty’ and a very pretty site, especially with the sun out. Martin claims to have been confronted by aggressive pollack and he caught a John Dory on video. There was also a rather fine conger eel and some of us saw baby cuttlefish – aw.

We returned to Penzance to put pasties in our faces and then made for the site of the Primrose at Low Lee Ledges. This was a very pretty dive, partly following an underwater trail marked by rope, and populated by corals, anemones and the usual fishes and crustaceans. Another fine day’s diving despite the unhelpful weather conditions.

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