Cornwall day 1

South-westerly; the wind direction for which there’s really no dive plan B in the south western peninsula of Cornwall. However, despite some pretty hefty swell we kicked off the week at a rock known as ‘Rory’s bluff’. As we descended it quickly became clear that a strong current was running against us. Warwick observed that there was “some current to manage”. For some buddy pairs though, the current pretty much managed us.

Some of us found some respite once they’d struggled through it but Brian and Chris’ relief was short-lived when they entered a new stream threatening to take them to New York. Meanwhile, Alex became acquanited with her first cuttlefish and others were charmed by a nursery of young fish.

The day’s second dive was a moody, skeletal wreck featuring abundant fish life. Nat described having “a bit of a turn” in the narcotic conditions but she and everyone else enjoyed the dive and returned to put the boats to bed at the end of a day that only took place at all through the skill and hard work of the boat crews and logistics team.

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