Chartwork course in collaboration with MVS City of London

What a fantastic weekend of weather to be out on a boat in the Thames.  Clidive instructors and members of the MVS City of London ( ran a BSAC Chartwork course on the Thames on 8/9th March.  This course is an example of great collaboration between the MVS and local BSAC branches.

Saturday was a full day of theory leading to a voyage plan for Sunday.   The theory is still very hands on with students getting excited as the mysteries of symbols on charts start to be revealed.

Steve and NIck

Sunday was a full day starting at St Katharines by Tower Hill, cruising to the houses of Parliament (with a bacon sandwich and a steaming mug of tea en route) – lots of pilotage used here (navigating by landmarks and natural features – no shortage of well known bridges and landmarks on this stretch of the Thames!)

We then headed downstream and navigated using cardinal bouys, lateral marks, transits to position fix and GPS.  At mile marker 27 around Tilbury we turned around (as the tide turned…that was well planned :-) ) and navigated our way back home.

Students work in groups and take turns to navigate or drive MVS Vessel Londinium 1 – a 45′ Nelson.  Students who have just passed their VHF Radio got a chance to put it to the test and make the radio call to London VTS to request permission to go through the Thames Barrier.  In between this Dive Leader lecture DT8 was run and Advanced diver lecture AT1 also.  Along with ropework and knots on the stern deck.

This course saw students from BSAC branches Clidive, No 1, ULSAC and St Albans.

A fantastic weekend and even better to have a pint in the sunshine over looking St Katharine’s dock.Nialls first VHF call

For a full report from one of the participants see here: 

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