Letter from an ocean diver trainee to the training officer

I’ve had a great day with JD today.  Lovely weather also helped and there were lots of carry on/ Benny Hill moments trying to fit me up into a wet suit!
We kitted up, planned the dive, buddy checked and got in. On the surface the water looked really clear – not so much in the lake. In fact really quite bad. But what we did see lots of though were bricks – loads of them!

The tasks were fine – mask clearing, regs out/ in/ lost/ found, out of air, ‘come and get me’ and rescuing a very non-responsive JD.

The bus was a real highlight though, along with the pool table and half a plastic rabbit! It was lovely going with John too. We did lots of chatting and laughing. I was absolutely knackered after and think I nodded off a few times in the car on the way back.

Anyway, thanks again for all the organising and help.

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