An deeper deep end!

Happiness is a sunny day in London and a chance for the Diving Officer to….

….check out the latest works in the deep end at Ironmonger Row Baths!

I can report it is beautifully tiled and deck level (so deeper) with new access points. Note the Clidive T-shirt worn especially for the occassion.

The ‘small’ pool isn’t small anymore. Four lanes and 15m long with new windows and a movable pool bottom – obviously up at deck level in the picture.

Great news – there is still a meeting room for public use, just slightly smaller than our old training room.

The poolside storage is very substantial – this shows about half the size.

Once finished it is going to be stunning – note the new ceiling and windows. A bit of finishing and decoration to do – it is not as far off completion as it might look.

The big surprise will be the entrance which has moved round the corner. This pic taken from back of the foyer facing new front door – the old entrance would have been on the left. It will feel very spacious and there is a big sit about area round the corner on the right of this photo.

Can’t wait to get back!

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