Wreck Diving in Sweden

Not content with merely ice diving in Sweden, on Joli’s recent visit back to Stockholm for work, she met up with other fellow Clidiver, Ozgur, after work for a wreck dive to take full advantage of the long scandinavian summer days.

They dived the M/S Benli which is intact as it was only sunk 6 months ago, is in cold water, low-salt and non-tidal/very sheltered.


However, finding it was tricky!  The brief was to enter by the rocks, find the tyre and follow the line to the wreck.  However, it was 0 visibility so finding your own hand, let alone a tyre was impossible.  Joli resurfaced after 8 mins of scrabbling in the dark and noticed the Dive Master’s (who got in first (wise man) before all was kicked up ) bubbles were coming up from the area described as to where the wreck was relocated.  The pair quickly descended down the bubbles and at 6m, the wreck appeared like a ghostly vision.

Thanks to http://www.alpindyksport.se/ for organising and kit hire!


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