Winter warmer trip to Sharm El Sheikh

Out of the gloom of a rainy and early start in London, the sun didn’t stop shining from the moment the plane pierced the clouds somewhere over Gatwick. We’re sitting in local bar of the Umbi Dive Village in Shark’s Bay, reflecting on the first day’s diving, eager to rehydrate in good diver’s fashion. With some glee we pondered what the weather must be like back home, as it’s 25°C with a balmy 22° in the water. After a fairly painless registration we were on our way on the hard boat, the “Freedom 5” mid morning. The group of us Clidivers here is fairly young in terms of qualifications, where Sport Divers make up the seniors. However everyone is having a good time, and the Ocean Divers appear pleasantly surprised by what the Red Sea has to offer (warmth, visibility and those things called fish) in contrast to Stoney Cove.


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