The Final Checkout

1x Broom Handle
2x cucumbers
1x extra hot chilli sauce
1 set of needle and thread
Jump start leads
12l vanilla ice cream
15 punnets strawberries
2 hours Internet Access
15 bottles red wine
15 bottles white wine
5l veterinary lubricant
1000l unleaded fuel

..and Charlie (Owner: Final Checkout, most northern shop in the UK) was so entertained he bought us all a wee dram or two.

flic marshalled today, and demonstrated an instinctive knack for dropping Rory and Mary in on a whirling vortex of current, whilst reserving the perfect slack for herself and her buddies.

The first site was the mystery of the North side of Balta Island. This was a perfect marine garden, if the current didn’t take you to the middle of the channel.

The afternoon saw a return to the E49, a site diveable at any state of the tide. *cough*. This enabled us to finish our survey, and the marginally reduced visibility contributed to some wonderfully atmospheric (some might say the best) photos of the week (Reiko modelling, of course).

Warwick’s DangerMax spasmed out during the surface interval, however his older spare was still functioning, allowing him to join the final dive. This signalled our sad farewell to the Shetland Isles.

Watch out for the full report on the Clidive website:

Legend has it that there were two giants, Herma and Saxa, living on either side of the Burra Firth. Each day, they would hurl rocks at each other, every one rock larger than the last, until they formed the Out Stack and Muckle Flugga…..

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