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Muckle Flugga Light. It’s a silly name, but a very good place to go diving. It’s a rock off the north of Shetland, with lots of reefs, and losts of very big currents. The last time anyone tried to do a marine life survey around here was in 1987 when Moss & Ackers published their exciting “Sublittoral survey of Shetland”. The differences between them and us are obvious. First of all, they were proper scientists. Second, they had bad weather. They only managed to dive the sheltered south-eastern faces of Muckle Flugga from an inflatable and thought the diving was “disappointing”. We got to dive the exposed north-western side in no swell and flat calm seas. Even better, we’ve managed to work out when slack is (30 minutes before High Water Lerwick, if you’re interested).

And the answer? Well, it’s worth diving Muckle Flugga. In fact, we think it’s at least as good as anywhere else we’ve ever dived. Rory is so excited he’s writing some poetry about it, which will be posted tomorrow.

Meanwhile, John the pump monkey lives in the van, filling cylinders. He seems to quite like it.

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