Red Sea Liveaboard – day 1

Yesterday 9 Clidivers made a dash for the sun and headed to Egypt for a week long northern wrecks and reefs tour. After a couple of pints at the Red Lion at Gatwick, a few gin and tonics on the plane, and a stop off at a rip off off license in Sharm, we boarded our new home for the week, the MV Juliet. Due to our late arrival, we spent the first night in the harbour, before making our departure at the very civilised 9am this morning.

The first stop was a check out dive at Ras Katy, followed by the Dunraven. After lunch we had a nice drift along the wall full of colourful soft and hard coral at Sabah Mahoud reef where some of the group spotted a white tip reef shark. The highlight of the day for me however was the night dive where we were followed by several lionfish, saw a spanish dancer dancing, shrimp cleaning a massive moray eel, jawfish burried in the sand, cuttlefish swimming along, and a crocodile fish trying to hide.

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