Gildy to the Rescue

Srong winds and a lot of very fast yachts zooming around Plymouth Sound meant my plans to dive some great wrecks and reefs was in tatters! Thankfully Joli gave me a last minute call to ask for my hand with a training weekend. So Gildenburgh Water it was, for some green water, mask-clearing, diver rescue scenarios and even some fun. It was a great substitute (believe it or not!)

Two of our Ocean Diver trainees…

…Melania and Markus plunged into the lovely 17 degree pea-souper and completed lots of exercises towards their OD qualification.

Markus even found time to practice his underwater pool skills, lucky for him there were no balls or I would’ve thrashed him :)

Congratulations also go to Neil and Lucy who attained a very cool Black Qualification in the Advanced Decompression Procedures (ADP) course in Bouyancy and Trim (black is the top mark!)

Well done as well to Elina for completing a dry suit course with ease.

I also got a Black qualification in the ADP course… not bad considering it took me about half of the assessment time to realise I was being assessed!!

The biggest thank you is of course reserved for Joli for giving up so much of her free time to do this for our trainees and members!!!

Martin Rishton

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