Pootling about in Portland

It’s the end of October.  It’s blowing a force 4.  There are cats and dogs being rained all over the place.  What do 15 hardy Clidivers want to spend their day doing?  Yes that’s right, sitting in a pub.  But we can do that later so we’ve decided to come to Portland and go diving instead.

So we pitch up at 8am, Saturday morning.  Not a hint of another diver around.  The air shop hasn’t even bothered to open and we’re in Castletown car park kitting up to dive Balaclava Bay, which is protected from the prevailing winds.  And we do.  And it’s nice.  We spend a good 40 minutes pootling about at 10 meters, enjoying the large boulders and life contained within.

By afternoon, Neptune had had a word with the rain god about our fidelity and rewarded us with some sun.  The wind god was still resolute, however.  We therefore dived Newton’s Cove and saw many torpedoes with their many resident crabs.

All in all we had a good day, ably marshalled by Matt and Flic, out newest Diver Cox’ns.  And, to round things off perfectly, as I’m writing this Stefano and his minions are cooking up a storm in the kitchen, ready to sate our appetites in preparation for tomorrow’s activities.  With a bit of luck Africus (god of the south west wind) will get bored and let us get a little further afield.
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