Perfect Pembrokeshire II

Clidive loves Pembrokeshire so much that one trip just wasn’t enough this year, so Richard organised a fantastic rib trip with little under a fortnight of planning. Although a little chilly (between 8 and 10 degrees in the water) the dives were very rewarding.
Day 1, despite the chill wind, saw a gem of a dive hunted down by Colin on the Skomer Mew Stone – wonderful plateaus covered with life – carpets of mussels, various nudis, multiple colours of dahlia anemones, and intriguing drop offs.
At lunchtime Peter enjoyed a splash with a bunch of curious seals, whilst the rest of us paced a beach with more colourful rocks than the windows on Bond Street. In the afternoon we investigated the Dakotian, a huge wreck in lovely green water.
On the sunny and calm(er) Sunday Stef nosed out a super bit of underwater scenery off the Skomer Pig Stone – lovely topology, huge nudis and dogfish in one direction, numerous swim throughs in the bouldery vista in the other.
The afternoon saw an extended shot moving exercise on the Beehar followed by a lively scamper around the wreck and reef – guess what, more dogfish!

For a full report check out the Clidive Trip Reports section on our website – shortly!

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