Ice Diving In Sweden

4 hardy (or is that foolhardy) souls braved the Scandinavian winter to have a go at ice diving this winter. Unfortunatley, it was unseasonably warm and so the ice was too thin to dive in through the ice-hole. (snigger). But never fear, our wonderful course organiser, Affe, took us to the perfect lake in order to find enough ice for shore-based ice-diving. It was still pretty cold with a fresh dump of snow. This did not deter us from having a Barbeque for lunch (The Swedes are as mad as the Brits!). The overhead environment was less scary than the rock climb down into the lake but everyone pulled together (heave-ho) and everyone escaped unharmed :-). It was definatley the poshest clidive trip for a long time with us flying business class on british airways, staying at the 4* radisson, eating at Michellin-starred restaurants and drinking champagne! A fantastic course – thanks to for a very enjoyable weekend
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One comment on “Ice Diving In Sweden
  1. Dykhuset says:

    It was a pleasure to have you as guests under the ice.
    Hope to see you again

    Best regards Affe…yes we are as crazy =)