A day-jaunt to Newhaven 2nd August 2015

At the beginning of August, a few other members from the club decided to check on the very convenient dive sites in Newhaven. We dived from ‘Sea-zones’, skippered by Mick Luff.  Everything seemed perfect: a short distance from London, dive shop open all Sunday, skipper with scones waiting for you ready to sail, and the sun above. What could go wrong? Only one thing: visibility. It is hard to judge whether I liked the dive sites as I could barely see them. I guess the wreck of The Clodmore could have impressed more if I had seen a bigger picture of it. Instead I remember that I saw one flatfish. Two lucky guys managed to find the propeller – I could only dream about it. The second shallow drift dive didn’t compensate much for the first one, as it was more about admiring the beautiful sandy bottom than exploring reefs. Elaine and Nick found more interesting stuff down there with an hour of chasing Lobsters. However I still enjoyed all the other aspects of the trip and the company on the boat. All in all I would go there again. Thanks to Preeda, for organising the day.

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