Vive la France

Clidive is in Marseille!

Yesterday we dived Les Veyron (Swiss Cheese caves), Le Dalton (mmm), et Le Chaouen (a stunner). Today we dived Les Moyadons and this afternoon Le Imperieux de Milieu – an amazing wall dive. On arrival we dived the inner Imperieux (there are three, we have hopes for the outer Imperieux, when it stops running like a train) and Pointe de Planne – a wall, with a cave in the middle of it.

The water is a fresh 16 degrees (particularly fresh if you are just back from diving in 30 degrees and your drysuit seal discipline is a little lacking – brrrrx2) and the visibility is very exciting – proper head over the boat and spot the wreck territory.

We have been busy with the diving (and the launching and recovering), but have accumulated some photos of sunsets, lighthouses, nudibranchs and a strange black slithery thing that we hope Suse can help us identify.

We will post the photos tomorrow.

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