The inbetween day

Some of us left this morning. And some new people arrived this evening. For those left hanging around, we thought it might be nice to go diving. We started off by heading down to the wreck of the Jane, on the North side of Fetlar. Visibility was a very disappointing 10 metres. We can hear the small violins even this far North. The wreck was populated by lots of fish, and some very friendly wrasse who like following you through the dive and being petted. Very strange. Presumably they have never met divers with spearguns or fishermen before.

This afternoon, we dived the wreck of a crane in Baltasound Harbour. Normally, dives in a harbour for Clidive involve training exercises, freezing cold water, zero visibility and copious quantities of silt. Only one of these applied here. Guess which?

Finally, what’s this little beastie? Answers in the comment box, please.

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One comment on “The inbetween day
  1. Thierry says:

    Looks like a cup coral, doesn’t it?