Penzance Day 1, Cornwall 2013

Surfing and coastal walks.

Here we are on the first day of our Penzance week – the wind is howling and the surf is up. Mounts Bay is a sea of white waves and foam and launching the boat is out of the question. So the day starts off with a relaxing swim and sauna at the pool and then we head down to Sennen Cove and do a bit of boogie boarding.



After the surfing it’s off for a hill walk along the coast to Lands End.


Along the coastal path we can stare longingly out at Longships Lighthouse and reef. One of the best, if not the best scenic dive sites in the UK. So near but yet so far!


Anyway, we have had a lovely day out considering the challenging sea conditions. This part of Cornwall is so beautiful and with a very Scottish/Irish feel to the landscape (and weather). After a pint in the Olds Success we warm up over a sausage casserole and mash back at Kenegie Manor. Only Colin has enough strength in his mobile signal to get a weather forecast and it seems to change hourly but seldom for the better. We are hoping for less windy conditions in the days to come.



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