Golden Gullies, not so golden skies…

Woke up this morning to heavy fog, heavy rain and heavy winds…however after a quick look over the harbour wall, it didn’t look too bad, so the intrepid divers headed out into the teeth of the gale.

The golden gully was deep, clear and full of life – giant crabs, nudibranchs by the dozen, and tons of anenomes – one of the best dives of the trip.

Dive 2 – the skipper’s fallback dive, the Boue Tirlipois, was a beautiful scenic mix of walls, gullies and boulders, teeming with life, and Naomi spotted two new nudibranchs, to much squealing. Nick and Elaine had a fight with a 2’6 crayfish – the crayfish won.

For a day that almost ended up with a day-long pub crawl, we had world class diving, excellent visibility, and ended up with a few lovely pints of London Pride – Sark should be on everyone’s to-do list.

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