Dive Club Diary: Adventures in Lanzarote 

Trip Report by Marion Lutigneaux

Over the few days we spent together, we created countless memories, and not solely from our underwater adventures! I’ve tried to capture some of the best moments, and I hope they will make you smile or laugh as much as they did for us! Enjoy the report!

Debbie and Lucie, our planning pros, arrived in Puerto del Carmen a day early to look out the dive spots. They wanted to ensure everything was just right for the trip. On Saturday evening, the rest of the crew landed in Lanzarote, pretty much all at the same time. It was classic airport chaos – long lines for taxis and excitement in the air.

Once we arrived at our accommodations, we headed to the Tex Mex restaurant right next to the flats. The food wasn’t the best we had all week, but the company was incredible. Unfortunately, the Six Nations England/ France game (also known as ‘the crunch’) had already started. A friendly rivalry sparked between the English and French divers during dinner over this game, but it was all in good fun – no hard feelings (I hope). Another topic at dinner was the challenging task of giving nicknames to the two Marions in the team, which ended up as Mel and Luti (myself). And with smiles, we headed to bed, excited for the adventures starting ahead.

On Sunday, we were greeted by warm weather and the scenic beauty of the island. And it was time to meet with the dive center crew; Paul, Valerie and Glynn. (On a sad note; Debbie, Nick, and Em weren’t feeling their best, so they decided to sit out the dives for the day.) The beginning of the day started with some equipment hiccups, but as Lucie wisely pointed out, “when something goes wrong, it’s always the o-ring!” And sure enough, that was the problem. Our dives took us from the beach, and as we emerged from the water, we noticed the beachgoers looking at us with a mix of intrigue and perhaps a hint of fear.

During one of the fun dives, we were lucky enough to spot seahorses, which became the subject of a private joke among the crew. Jérémie, being French, couldn’t quite remember the word for seahorse in French, leading to some hilarity with “Cheval de mer” instead of “Hippocampe.”

The day ended on a high note as Lewis qualified as an Ocean Diver. As we strolled back from the dive center to our flats, the streets were coloured in Irish green, making us wonder if anyone was left in Dublin! For dinner, Romain and Em, our social pros, opted for Bar La Caña, where we treat ourselves with a tapas evening. The food was delicious, but the company was even better. Phil even managed to get a Paddy’s hat from the bar, but that’s a story for another time.

On Monday, Debbie and Em were all set, but Nick was still feeling a bit off, so he took on the role of dive marshal. We embarked on our first RIB boat excursion. Our dive sites were Black Beach and Punta Tiñosa, which is renowned for its distinctive lava rock formations, a reminder of the island’s volcanic origins. Underwater, it was like a whole other world. From octopus and rays to barracuda and Angel sharks. Parrotfish, cuttlefish, and Ornate Wrasse added colours to the underwater landscape, creating a truly mesmerising experience. As we boarded back on the boat, Nick surprised us with a spontaneous little song – apologies for the vague memory, but it was a nice touch.

After the dives, Gabriel and Jakub decided to explore a different part of the island, eager for further adventures. On the way back to the flat, Jérémie, Debbie and Luti (me) spotted a wild hoopoe, a beautiful bird that added an extra bit of magic to the day. And while waiting for Debbie’s flatmates, we couldn’t resist the temptation of a seaside ice cream – after all, what’s a holiday without a little treat?

For dinner, our group divided its preferences – some opted for the flavours of an Indian restaurant, while others chose the comfort of a homemade meal.

On Tuesday, Jakub joined the ranks of the unwell, like if sickness was catching us one by one. For most, our dives were conducted from the RIB again, and the highlight of the day was exploring the Puerto del Carmen Old Harbour wrecks. It was truly awe-inspiring to witness a sunken boat up close. Romain and Mel took charge of leading the dive to finalise their Ocean Diver qualification. Their efficiency was remarkable, but perhaps a bit too efficient as the dive lasted 15 minutes… On another training team, while we spotted fire worm, Luti (me) unfortunately managed to break the reel of the DSMB, making the training even more real. Following our exploration of the wrecks, we encountered a captivating scene – a crew of dream fish living their best life and a group of barracuda, patiently waiting to eat them. On the way back to the RIB, we made some interesting observations – a trumpet fish and a fin stuck near the window of the wreck. Phil took a deeper look through the window before we moved on. Closer to the boat, we found the other missing fin, still attached to Em’s foot. Upon our return, Nick greeted us with a Paddy’s hat this time, it was a fun end to a diving day.

After all those unexpected twists and turns, our stomachs were hungry for something delicious and satisfying. And what could be better than Italian food to fill us up?

On Wednesday, the day was filled with a lot of training dives from the black beach once again. However, there were some unexpected twists with equipment for Debbie, Katie, and Kayo – broken fins, untrustworthy regulators, and even issues with dry suits. While the training divers were busy with their skills, the fun divers had the opportunity to explore the deeper Harbour Wrecks, around 30 meters deep, and the Blue Hole, called after the bright blue colour that is seen from inside the tunnel that communicates the sandy bottom with the rock wall. It was the perfect chance for Jaka to begin his depth progression. During these dives, they encountered shrimps, octopuses, and more. In a hilarious moment, Jérémie attempted to take a selfie with an octopus. From the big picture, Amanda couldn’t contain her laughter, reportedly even losing way too much air.

Thursday brought a flurry of qualifications for many in our group. We thought the Lanzarote sickness curse was over, but it was Elaine’s turn to feel a bit off. And, as it was nearing the end of the week, a few confusions cropped up. Mel found herself on the verge of losing her cylinder, while Romain nearly lost his mask. Thankfully, Gabriel was quick to retrieve it before it slipped away. Meanwhile, Luti struggled to understand Lewis’s signs underwater.

During a fun dive, while exploring the Deep Harbour Wreck, Glynn pull out an arm from a statue of course, which was both amazing and freaky, a moment they won’t soon forget.

Before our night dive, we decided to warm up our hearts and bodies with a simple yet delightful picnic. Eight brave divers, led by Gabriel, went back into the water for the night dive, starting from the Black Beach. For many of us, it was our first experience of a night dive, and it didn’t disappoint. We were treated to the amazing sight of an octopus on the hunt, along with Aplysia dactylomela, a spotted sea hare, and a profusion of strange, alien-like worms known as Holothuria.

On Friday, we finished our training with one last dive, followed by a fun dive from the boat at Punta Tiñosa. Underwater, Phil surprised us by pulling out a Paddy’s hat from his pocket, to celebrate the Irish spirit of the week.

After our dives, we headed back to La Caña for a tapas night, where drinks flowed freely and joy filled the air. Later than night/morning, some of us were drawn to an Irish-style pub by the promise of a free bottle. Once there, we danced the night away, with Phil and Nick leading the way. It was a night to remember!

On Saturday, before seeing goodbye to the land of Lanzarote and heading back to the UK, some of us chose to immerse ourselves in culture at the Fundación César Manrique. Meanwhile, others opted for a well-deserved sunbathing or indulged in delicious paella. And like that, our amazing week came to an end, filled with unforgettable memories and experiences.

I think I can speak on behalf of everyone to extend a big thank you to Debbie, Jérémie, and Lucie for organising this trip. A huge thanks to all the instructors (or soon to be) for their patience, time, and expertise. And finally, thank you to everyone for turning this club trip into proper holidays! 

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