Devil Gas in Saffron Walden

Not all that long ago, Nitrox was ‘the devil gas’ and BSAC and PADI banned its use. BSAC saw the light fairly quickly and the rest of the world soon followed. Now Nitrox diving is taught as part of entry level Ocean Diver training, we run accelerated decompression training in house and ‘devil gas’ is available everywhere. Nitrox gives you longer underwater, shorter decompression stops and increased safety. This summer, on our club expedition to the Shetlands, we’ll be taking a compressor and we’d like to be able to do some Nitrox diving too. There are no dive shops up there, so we’ll be mixing our own.

But we needed some training. Saffron Walden BSAC were kind enough to allow us to use their superb facilities and to Colin Yule ran the training. Four of Clidive’s instructors spent a summery evening in Cambridgeshire learning how to blend perfect mixes whilst avoiding terrifying oxygen fires.

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