Day 9 in Gozo – Um El Faroud!

Well, finally Neptune decided to grace us with favourable weather than we deserve for flying all the way to Gozo (has all this rain been punishment cos I said it would be cold and rainy in Plymouth? How wrong I was…). We had a FANTASTIC day yesterday. We got up early and ferried and motored across Malta to the other side, praying all the way that the wind wouldn’t pick up. We managed to do 2 dives on the Fabulous Um El Faroud – to some, the best wreck in the Med. A 110 ton tanker sunk in 1998 and now lies in 35m upright, in 2 pieces. 1 dive on this is not enough! We had flat calm seas all day, 40m vis and a jolly good day was had by all!

Thursday was night dive night at Mgarr Ix Xini for 6 of us including Don – the man who preaches how pointless night diving is – only for him to return from the inky water excitedly proclaiming “We saw cuttlefish with green bioluminescence and a shoal of 20-30 flying gurnard and a giant sea snail and an octopus and sleeping anchovies hanging in the water and and and …” – see what you’ve been missing all these years, Don? I had said before that I loved the surface swim back looking up through the canyon to the stars above (I didn’t mean to accidentally cross over to the other wall underwater without realising only to surface 40mins away from the exit… oh well… at least the stars were very pretty)

2 days of diving left… inland sea then cathedral cave today (my fav! well worth the 120 steps). Rounded off with a BBQ tonight. Who knows what’s in store tomorrow…

If all goes well, we will have 3 new dive leaders by the end of the holiday… guess who?

Check back soon – photos will be uploaded!

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