Day 1 in Gozo

10 divers , 6 more still in transit.

The day was spent at Hondoq after much kit faffing with training for ocean divers, sports diver, dive leaders and instructor training. The weather was less sunny than hoped (and by all accounts less sunny than Plymouth!) but at least we had 17 degrees and no hoods and gloves.

The “dive muppet of the day” goes to John …. looking rather happy in this picture despite him getting out 1 min after getting in…

if you look closely you can see his drysuit is still open…

he emerged rather soggy from his not-so-“dry”suit (bad idea to have wallet in back pocket)

but all is not lost…. Joli to the rescue …. hs elends him her spare “undersuit” (ie a pair of joggers and a jumper with pink
socks)… I notice this is the 2nd time he has posed crop-top style on this blog…. methinks he likes it!

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