Clidive in the Farnes

We were a little surprised when our rib “Ocean Explorer” turned up – a 10m beastie with twin 200s. Very cool, and all the excitement of a tractor launch off Beadnell beach. Despite the size, pieces of black neoprene soon colonised any available space.

Big Harcar was our first dive, a gentle wall with a group of pinnacles to swim around. We dived in a diminishing slack window as the wind and waves had resulted in a lumpy ride out, and had to be quite careful not to be carried into a nearby race at the end of the dive. Many hermit crabs, flat fish and the odd seal or two were spotted.

We had lunch on the water, with a supply of teas, coffees and hobnobs supplied by the excellent skipper and assistant. Our second dive was restricted to a sheltered bay, Knocks Reef on the Inner Farne, where we all went on an extended seal and crittur hunt. Neil was very excited by his Shrimp-Horse, until it turned out to be simply a shrimp.

Much fin-nibbling was observed, not always by the nibblee, and a juvenile seal provided at least an hour of entertainment as it investigated smbs and surfacing divers alike.

We currently suspect that we won’t get off the beach tomorrow…but have fins crossed for Sunday and Monday.

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