An Unexpected Find

Today, our DM Neil picked an interesting mark on the charts called The Baa, off Fetlar sound, so we headed off to investigate. This turned out to be a kelp covered pinnacle, with one wall of jewel anemones, dropping down to a mixed boulder ground.

The Seasearchers noted a huge ling, a conger, several dogfish, the usual nudibranches, and a boat of happy Clidivers. After a lunchtime bask in the sun, we headed back to the Tonis Chandris, to initiate those unschooled in the mysteries of the triple expansion engine.

Today’s photogenic critter round up:
Before and after of a dahlia anemone:

In Reiko’s words “fish, fish, fish, fish, fish”:

Declan, just hanging out:

On the Tonis Chandris:

Warwick reported a stunning octopus (stunned perhaps after posing for all these photos!)

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