Throughout the pandemic, the Committee has aligned Clidive’s activities with guidance from both the Government and BSAC.


We have been back at Ironmonger Row Baths (IRB) since 29 April 2021, starting with individual/household/bubble activities, encouraging members to get back in the water and refresh their skills and check their kit. We are continuing to organise refreshers in 2022, particularly for members who haven’t dived during the pandemic.

Formal training is back in full swing, but most theory sessions are being held on Zoom. Pool work is continuing as normal, with some adjustments to minimise the risk of Covid transmission, in line with BSAC guidelines.

We have held two Oxygen Administration courses, with numbers kept to four trainees per session, using two manikins with each trainee being given their own manikin ‘lung’. More sessions are scheduled for 2022.


The Diving Programme is back to normal. We are continuing to ask members to bring their own water bottles to be filled from communal bottles on the boats and comply with any requirements imposed by accommodation or restaurants.


Members are once again meeting after pool sessions at The Britannia Pub, Ironmonger Row and other social activities are being scheduled.

Planning on diving soon? 

  • If you’ve had Covid, however mildly, you may need a diving medical. You should check your status using the recently revised scorecard here.
  • Until free testing in England stops, if you’re coming on a club trip you must take a lateral flow or PCR test as close as possible to the trip date, even if you don’t have symptoms
  • If you test positive, do not come on the trip. Even though you no longer legally need to self-isolate it is dangerous to dive with any respiratory illness and you would not want to pass any virus onto your fellow divers. Please let the Dive Manager know as soon as possible; they might be able to get somebody else to fill the place.
  • Same goes for if you have any Covid symptoms but can’t get a test in time – please contact the Dive Manager as quickly as possible to cancel your place. Again, this is no different when feeling unwell with any respiratory illness like cold or flu.



Training matters: Training Officer (Mark Kelly)
Scheduled dive trips: the relevant Dive Manager (see the Dive Programme)
General diving matters: Diving Officer (Nick Barter)

BSAC has published a diving-focused summary, along with important guidance on how we can all prepare ourselves for our return to diving. Please take the time to read this and think about what you need to do before you get back in the water.

Last updated 21 February 2022