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The West Coast

The wind finally changed and we made it to the west coast. Warwick’s instinct guided us to a pinnacle that is a carpet of jewel anemones. What a sight!

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Spot the fish!

The wonderful creatures of Unst!

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Force 6 winds don’t stop Clidive

The wind dropped from gale force to force 6, enough for us to bury the walking boots and head out to visit what seemed like the nursery of Scottish waters. The visibility was almost “spoilt” by a huge swarm of

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What to do in bad weather

The most northerly clidiver taking photos of a clidiver taking photos of clidivers.

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Muckle Flugga

Gale force winds don’t keep us from having a look at Muckle Flugga, Britain’s most northerly lighthouse, but unfortunately it is on foot.

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